Cay Da Chiropractic
Testimonials about Cay Da Chiropractic and the results from its provided services:

Adam H.
Monterey, CA

This office is ran by a very wonderful Chiropractor who cares a lot about her work. She is very professional and incredibly skilled in her work. She provides excellent care and great advice on how to remain pain free. If you are looking for an expert that delivers incredible results than look no further. I highly recommend this business to anyone who truly seeks healing and quick results.

Helen N.
San Jose, CA

I had severe neck, bulging Disc on my neck. After discharged from the hospital, I came direct to Dr.Thu Nguyen' s office. In two week’s treatment: my neck is back to normal; I was Speechless. Faith is when good Doctor like you give their patients the strength to recover. I highly recommend Dr.Thu Nguyen to anyone that is looking for a Great Doctor. Thank You Doctor. Helen

Radhika R.
San Jose, CA

Dr. Nguyen is an outstanding Chiropractic Doctor. She has so much knowledge of the field and a caring touch which is so important while working with patients. I took my 89 year old mother who had a very painful muscle pull and was not able to walk or stand without pain. Dr Nguyen worked on her very diligently, reducing the pain in her leg significantly and making it possible for her to walk without the help of a walker in just a few days' time. I do feel that she is an extremely competent Doctor yet so unassuming. I strongly recommend her as one of the best doctors for the understanding and relieving of pain without any medication.

Suneel R.
San Jose, CA

I went initially to Dr. Thu Nguyen as I had an issue with pain in my wrist. She took the time to explain what was going on and patiently treated the pain, as she said no one should be in pain and she lives up to her word. She has modern equipment and did ultrasound and laser treatment as appropriate, and my pain was lessened tremendously in the few sessions. Later, I had a situation with my mum's ailment of severe back and leg pain due to muscle cramping and a possible pinched nerve. We didn't know what was the cause and also if my mother would need surgery for this is the land of cut and paste when you go to certain doctors, and I believe in alternative ways, Dr. Thu even she was busy accommodated treating my mother last minute, and relieved her of her pain in her back and sides of her leg due to muscle cramps. My mum(who is in her eighties) can now walk without bending her body and with much less leg pain. I cannot say how happy we are that we have such a talented, gifted person in San Jose. I have seen many chiropractors and she is the best and the main reason is that she is patient, intuitive and gives the right advice as her only concern is the patient's well being. I wholeheartedly and painfreely recommend her and am thankful that she is performing such a great service of healing, that many have forgotten.

San Jose, CA
How I can walk without a cane after the first visit.

Chris G.
Mountain View, CA

Dr. Nguyen is by far one of the most personable chiropractors I've had. She takes the time to explain, in terms that I understand, what were the roots of my aches & pains. And she shared this knowledge without feeling patronizing or prescriptive. After a month of seeing Dr. Nguyen I felt like I walked away with no pain and most importantly new awareness of what was going on with my body. I have the utmost appreciation for professionals who can do their jobs with a high level of quality & commitment to their craft and skills. Dr. Nguyen is one of these professionals that I respect and see as a genuine and humble person. Thank you Dr. Nguyen!

Phuc N.
San Jose, CA

My Name is Phuc.N I got severe back pain and burning, tingling, numbness pain in left extremity from buttock, hip, leg, and ankle on December 2014. I went to my family doctor, and he gave me some pain killers. Two 2 weeks later, the problem still existed -I could not walk more than 3 minutes due to the severe pain. At this point, I requested a treatment by a specialist, he sent me to a neurologist. The neurological doctor sent me to take MRI. The result is shown I have lumbar herniated discs #5 and #4. The neurologist gave me nerve pain killers, muscle relaxations, and steroid tablets. I took the nerve pain and muscle relaxation tablets for 2 months, yet no improvement!

I decided to go to the acupuncture and chiropractic. After 12 treatments of acupuncture, there was still no improvement. Meantime going to acupuncture, I also went to several chiropractors, everything was still not fixed. I still took six tablets of pain killers, had three acupuncture visits per week, and decided to find another chiropractor.

Finally, I saw the website, and I called Dr Thu Nguyen at Cay Da chiropractic. Dr. Nguyen said she would try, and she felt confident she could fix my back and my leg. After four or five visits, I stopped taking any prescribed medications. And then at the third week, I dropped all my acupuncture appointments. After 12 treatments at Cay Da Chiropractic, my back and left leg is getting much better. I think the 95% improve. Now I can walk 45 minutes to one hour with no pain. I'm writing this story to share with anyone who has the similar problem that I have.

San Jose, CA

San Jose, CA

San Jose, CA

Thuan D.
San Jose, CA

I've had low back pain for many years. Three years ago I started having left leg pain, couldn't walk. I went to 2 Chiropractor doctors to ease pain, was capable to walk again but weakness from my left leg remained. About a year ago my low back got hurt again; I went to see another Chiro doctor for 2 months. Based on X-ray result his treatment concentrated on adjustment my spine, focused on my low back due to the narrowness between my vertebrae in the lumbar area. The pain never eased; actually it increased during those 2 months. The doctor ordered a low back MRI for me, found out beside the narrowness, discs were protruded (pushed out), one disc was torn, and part of it completely dropped down to the spinal core area. The doctor refused to provide necessary additional treatment to me, claimed that he didn't have correct equipment. I learned that my already protrusion discs got damaged by this doctor. He denied the fact.

I started my story a little bit long because per recommendation from a friend of mine I had a chance to see Dr. Thu Nguyen at Cay Da Chiropractic. First I hesitated to go to another Chiro, I lost faith. But Dr. Nguyen proved me wrong from the very 1st visit. With some simple checks, by looking the way I walk, performed knee test, leg reaction she was able to pinpoint the problem came from my discs in my lumbar area with specific disc number and symptom. With MRI film I already got, Dr. Nguyen immediate gave me a plan of treatment. My low back issue is quite severe and critical required a long term treatment with various machines in Dr. Nguyen office. I've been having the treatment for 6 months, my low back pain is gone, my legs regain strength, I walk stronger, sit longer, started hiking again, and even ... perform more dancing

How could Dr. Thu Nguyen make this good to me? I would tell the following.
1. She used to be an internal medicine doctor, back in her homeland Vietnam; she worked in emergency room of a hospital. Dr. Nguyen learned and built a good foundation as a responsive, good doctor during those years. The combination of knowledge of both medical and chiropractic helps her to pinpoint quickly, precisely root cause of pain. I thank her so much for dicovering my causes of pain. Dr. Nguyen loves her job as a doctor, before as medicine and today as a chiropractor. She's willing to help people getting back their good health at its best.
2. Dr. Thu occupied state-of -the-art equipment that information is found in her Cay Da website. I would say the technology today built in her machines is highly efficient to repair spine and disc symptoms that most of us more or less carry certain level of degeneration and/or accident related problem.
I strongly recommend Dr. Thu Nguyen to whom having low back pain, weak or leg pain. Her skill set, experience, equipment and best of all her quality of a doctor will provide you the very best treatment. Dr. Nguyen wants to stop the cause of pain to her patients, works restless to at least keep it at minimum affect to their daily life. That's the best from Dr. Thu Nguyen of Cay Da Chiropratic.

Kevin V.
San Jose, CA

I have been going to see Dr. Thu Nguyen for my lower back pain for a couple of months, with very positive results. During our initial consultation, we discussed my daily activities and how they may have contributed to my back pain. After the consultation and examination, Dr. Thu explained my injury in a way that I could understand. With my first adjustment she explained me what to expect, and the adjustment was made without discomfort. I felt more comfortable right away. During the past two months, I have seen Dr. Thu twice per week and my back pain has steadily diminished. Her modern equipment has also helped me to quick recovery. I can now return to my outdoor activities, such as surfing and water sports.. I just wanted to drop a line and thanks Dr. Thu, whose professionalism and skill got me through the process and helped me overcome my back discomfort. I also wanted to compliment her on the office environment, overall cleanliness of the facility, and even the parking lot. Thank you Dr. Thu.

Garnet W.
San Jose, CA

Thanks Doc you did a Great job on my shoulders, just this morning I have been lifting heavy weights at the gym but as for your advice to slow down till everything is back to 200 percent normal, I have seen the difference before your treatment and after treatment my shoulders feels a whole lot better, again I do thank you. Thank you very much.

Dante C.
San Francisco, CA

This was my third time visiting a chiropractic office and was referred here by my girlfriend. It was my first time actual letting someone adjust me! Other trips before had been for an evaluation but I wasn't that comfortable with them. I was very impressed w Dr Nguyen as her examination was extremely thorough while my two treatments (so far, will definitely be going back) were very specialized and adaptive. Not only is she very well versed in her skill and knowledge, but my results we fantastic. I had been suffering from extreme headaches caused by sinus congestion (likely from allergies) and she was able to relive the pressure. I have always suffered from seasonal allergies but my congestion this year was worse than ever causing acute pain. I sat up from the table after the first treatment and could breath with ease which had not been the case for about 6 months! I took a deep breath through my nose and was amazed. The results from the first treatment lasted over a week and the second time they lasted more than a month. On top of headaches, I had typical tightness and muscle pain from sitting at a desk 8+ hours/day and found great relief from her performing A.R.T. Would highly recommend to anyone (even if skeptical about chiropractic as I was) as she is not pushy and is very good at listening and adjusting treatment accordingly.

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